App / Software Development

Task: Rebuild mobile web application to provide a better user experience to end users.
Access to older version of app to understand design, development and testing
Related documentation and Specifications
Consultative discussion on technology choices
Technology Choices:
Application Framework: Ionic 3, Angular 4
Programming Language: Typescript ( Javascript ES6)
Database: SQLite/PouchDB
Component library: Ionic Components/Materialize.css/PrimeFacesNG
Development Tools:
IDE: Atom
Operating System: Mac OSX
Code Repository: BitBucket (set up in sprint 1)
Project Planning: JIRA
Communication and Document sharing : JIRA/Slack & Skype
Source code with proper inline comments
Documentations produced during development
Built App for Web, Android, iOS & Windows 7 and higher ready to launch on respective stores
Necessary support and consultation to setup development, build & test environment, tools & utilities used in the project.