Software Development Services

Insellco with its outsourcing partners provides custom software and application development services to address the specific requirements of the industry. Insellco has the capacity to develops end-to-end geo IT applications, regardless of their complexity. We help you to design and program webGIS applications, integrate the needs of your customers. We take the help of agile methodologies to design, program, and test and analyze the problems from the base level to provide the desired solution.

Our software and application development unit has the following capacity:

  • Mobile GIS application and solutions
  • GIS Application development
  • Enterprise integration solutions
  • Web GIS development and tool customization
  • Design, development, and maintenance of custom databases
  • Apps development by integrating spatial information systems
  • Development of apps using location-based features
  • Comprehensive data management apps with cross-platform migration solutions

We are developing web-GIS, web services, and mobile GIS applications on different platforms (private or public cloud) as well as desktop applications and use different programming languages and interfaces.

Please contact us to know more about our capabilities in this area.