LiDAR Data Services

Electrical Utilities, Water, Forestry, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Transportation, and various other industry sectors make use of LiDAR surveys for planning and maintaining assets. Insellco specializes in the processing of a wide variety of point cloud data along with images, trajectories, and survey data both from airborne and mobile-based systems. Highly accurate post-processed data is provided as per the specific requirement of the client whether its classification, vectorization, or DTM.

Insellco utilizes custom-made workflow by combining different routine and manual processes together which range from data calibration and matching to delivery product creation.

Insellco has capacities and expertise to work on following services :

  • Bare Earth Extraction / DTM (Ground and Non-Ground Classification)
  • Feature-based Classification – Building, road assets, Vegetation, Water Bodies, etc.
  • Vectorization of specific features
  • DEM, DTM and TIN Generation
  • Intensity Map Generation
  • Transformation, handling of different errors, archiving and management of the data

The projects include Power Line Mapping, Railway Survey, Pipeline Corridor Mapping, 3D City Models, Change Detection, and Highway Mapping.

Please contact us for our reference project in Mobile and Airborne LiDAR data processing.