GIS Data Services

Insellco GIS Services encompass a variety of digitization, drafting dimension-based construction, and data conversion with the highest quality standards. Over the years, Insellco has worked on thousands of analogue maps with multiple organizations to convert a variety of input data into intelligent digital maps and develop reliable GIS databases by capturing complex situations. To make this whole process efficient and cost-effective, Insellco implements ingenious QC processes and error analysis tools, routines, functions, and scripts not only improve efficiency but also leave no room for errors.

Since 2004, InSellco has been specializing in capturing network GIS databases for the utility and energy supply industry which include Electricity, Water, Gas, and various other networks. These maps are appropriately interpreted, constructed using dimensions, provided with attributes, and supplied after multiple QC checks.

Our Specialized areas include:

  • Utility GIS, Networks Data Capturing in Smallworld, Microstation, and ArcFM (with Plug-ins)
  • Analogue to Digital maps creation for a variety of features
  • Topographic maps following set of rules with accurate interpretation including georeferencing, Edge-matching, Geo-coding, topology check, etc.
  • Cadastral and Parcel Mapping
  • CAD Drafting and detailing
  • Underfloor heating and calculations

Insellco partners with experts in GIS/ CAD industry-standard software tools which often have Plug-ins or so called “Fachschale” to  Microstation, Smallworld, AutoCAD, and ArcGIS. Insellco has developed a good understanding of interoperability between different GIS systems and how a homogeneous dataset is created.

Please contact us for the complete portfolio of our GIS Services.