Consulting is targeted at maximizing the use of Geospatial technologies and solutions to support its projects.  Insellco with its over 15 years of proven experience in geospatial data and the BIM industry has developed innovative, cost-effective, and high-grade map data products combined with business management experience.  The experience ranges from handling complex small projects to multi-year assignments in Utility GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, BIM, and related mapping technologies.  The project has been highly diverse in geographical size, scope, specifications, and accuracy requirements.

Today InSellco is able to support organizations regardless of their industry, from utility to transportation, planning to environmental agencies, and established itself with a project management approach for your business needs.

In addition, with our strong passion for collecting market sector insight and recording trends of the geospatial industry in Europe, today we are in a position to identify, analyze, and develop multi-disciplinary GIS and IT solutions.

With our technology and solution partners, we strive to provide helpful and enlightening consultancy in the following areas:

  • Geospatial Project planning, need assessment and strategic planning
  • Surveys using state-of the art Technologies
  • GIS and IT solutions and application development
  • BIM and Data processing
  • GIS for Smart Cities


Please get in touch with us for detailed information on the range of consulting services.