3D City Modelling

Our specialization in Geodata products, photogrammetric stereo compilation, LiDAR data processing, BIM, and 3D computer graphics has given us an edge over other to address all your requirements with respect to 3D Geodata. InSellco competencies cover the full range of 3D programs related to geo-products whether it is for 5G planning or Urban planning.

Our capabilities in 3D geodata include:

  • Creation of 3D city models LOD1, LOD2 or LOD3
  • 3D stereophotogrammetrical evaluation
  • 3D terrain models from point clouds and photogrammetrically determined break lines
  • Collection and evaluation of infrastructure assets of roads (condition, surfaces, etc.)
  • Photorealistic texturing – Realistic coloring of 3D models through photo documentation

The wide range of experts available with partnering companies makes to Insellco a unique 3D data service provider on the 3D domain.