Network documentation, GIS data processing and visualization, 2D and three-dimensional stereoscopic evaluation,

Georeferencing, vectorization/digitization, digital mapping, photogrammetry, LiDAR point cloud processing, CAD drawing

and much more…

Our specialized professionals are there for you!

InSellco is your reliable cooperation partner for cost-effective geodata and engineering data processing.

Since 2005, we have been offering cost effective Geodata processing and data engineering services in Germany and Europe. Over the years Insellco has built a solid reputation for always being technically competent, trustworthy, flexible, non-binding and cost-effective.

The Geospatial data processing services market is competitive and requires skillsets which fits well to changing needs of industry. We draw on our skilled and experienced GIS, Photogrammetry and LiDAR resources with strong technical skills to understand the changing requirements quickly and deliver the quality output.

Over the years we have developed an expertise in various industries covering Data processing of Cable and Pipe network, road infrastructure, diverse land areas and power line infrastructure. Our technicians are proficient in diverse industry standard software and third party applications.

We constantly strive to make ourselves competent and cost effective

Our technical experts have deep knowledge of diverse vector and raster datasets, data obtained from airborne and ground surveys, mobile mapping, photo-flight, LiDAR point cloud, UAVs, satellite imagery etc. We have knowledge of rules and norms to be followed. With this prior knowledge, we often understand the project requirements quickly, prepare a quick estimate and accordingly develop sequence of workflows to keep the overall project cost optimal and make it time intensive.

With our ability to quickly grasp project related documents (processing rules, user manual, deliverables etc) in German and English language, we are able to start the project quickly and support it with highly efficient communication. With this, we are able to extend ease of work to our clients. Our support and flexibility of work arrangements are key to our success. InSellco is able to stay competitive and deliver highly accurate and cost-effective digital data outputs to its customers, to help them achieve operational excellence.

Geospatial Data Processing

Over the years, Insellco has offered services in Geospatial Data processing using GIS, Digital photogrammetry, Remote Sensing tools for sectors including mining, urban planning, land use planning, watershed, agricultural crop mapping, forest mapping, insurance, land information, natural resource management.

 We maintain a team with domain specific skills and expertise to process a wide range of geospatial data. With our in-house training facilities, we are constantly upgrading our project-specific technical skills and able to add new team members

Technical Expertise

On the following pages, snapshots of our project specific geospatial data processing expertise are presented. Some description is given on types of requirements received, details of our service offerings and which of our domain specific “strengths” make us unique in these areas.

Our strength lies in our extensive experience and understanding of domain specific requirements for following key areas:

Network Documentation

The digitization and rule based construction of Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecom and Street light network is done by following various rules..

Geodata Road

Collection of Asset inventory and landuse data of traffic areas and management of this data in GIS systems plays an important role..

Land Management

Digitization of built-up surface( sealed areas ) along with cadastral information with a high level of geometric accuracy is important…

Utility Inspection

Inspection of utility infrastructure (overhead power transmission lines etc.) and other infrastructure objects is performed with…

CAD services

Our engineering services team consists of professionals with extensive experience in engineering and construction documentation, architectural concept design, drafting and drafting, CAD drawing and drafting, solar plan design and drafting, BIM modeling and various 2D and 3D modeling and -Rendering. We are constantly focused on adding new capabilities to service service sectors such as underfloor heating, wind and solar to expand our engineering service offering. We are constantly improving our competitiveness by acquiring new skills in various domain-specific CAD and BIM software.

Technical Expertise

The following section outlines some of our key areas of expertise related to CAD and BIM engineering services. Our engineering data processing service portfolio is constantly expanding and in addition to data processing, we can assist our customers in developing quotations, perform complex calculations and include fine details typically required by our customers.

CAD Drawing

We are able to process CAD design drawing jobs that include drafting, design, engineering drawings, timber and steel construction.


Architectural design and documentation services include the development of a full set of drawings in 2D and 3D and detailing for various projects.

3D Visualization and BIM

We are specialized in BIM services and we are able to develop 3D BIM models, visualization, scan to BIM services and BIM construction documentation.

SOLAR-CAD Engineering

We specialize in solar PV installation design and drawing services for all types of installations whether residential or utility.