Insellco offers cost effective GIS Data and application development services with highest quality standards.

Insellco has been dealing with multiple organizations to convert their survey and paper maps to intelligent digital maps and developing reliable GIS databases. Our ingenious QC processes and analysis tools, routines, functions and scripts  not only improve efficiency but also leave no room of errors.

Our Key Geospatial Services include:

• Data Capture of Utility Networks in Microstation, Smallworld and ArcFM (with Plug-ins)

• Digitization of maps and themes from analogue medium

• Conversion of ground cadastre and topographic maps with accurate interpretation

• Scaling, Edge-matching, Geo-coding, Geo-referencing services

• Generalisation of maps and networks

• Manual QC after automated data migration

Insellco works with all GIS/ CAD industry standard software tools which often have Plug-ins or so called “Fachschale” to  Microstation, Smallworld, AutoCAD and ArcGIS. Insellco has developed a good understanding of interoperability between different GIS systems and how a homogeneous dataset is created.