Since, 2004, founders of Insellco have been active in Geospatial sector in Germany and EEUU . We have successfully executed over 30 GIS utility mapping projects involving variety of custom made software ( SmallWorld, sisNET, ArcFM UT) meeting stringent specifications, complex rules, and interpretation challenges by referring several documents. In Photogrammetry and LiDAR, we have a success track record of executing over 50 projects involving sealed areas, compilation of train, road and water transport networks. Apart from that, we are also involved in software development projects for utility and water industry.

Insellco has developed an innovative model of services delivery by utilizing the strength of its development partners. Kindly contact us for more information regarding our references.


Selected Case Studies

We have a track record of successfully executing over 100 projects involving variety of custom made software, meeting stringent specifications, complex rules, and interpretation challenges. Insellco is committed to deliver fast, efficient and quality services.

Remote Sensing
Creation of Spatial Database in GIS
Creation of Layers, Georeferencing and Digitization, QC
Data Input:
Satellite Imagery (Varied SPATIAL RESOLUTION)
Survey Maps and control points
Georefrencing satellite data,
Digitization of the different features like road, rail, wetlands,
Classification of different features as per hybrid approach,
Edge matching with creation of different themes as per specifications.
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LiDAR Projects

Project: 3D stock Plan using Mobile LiDAR Data

Tasks: Classification, Vectorization, Extraction of 3D Objects


Dgn file

Las files Mission file IML file Camera calibration files TRJ file Out file Image files


Demarcate AOI

Define Classes Classification of Ground and non ground points by setting up parameters QC level check1 of errots Vectorization and verification with associated adata
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Utility Mapping Projects
  Project: To construct Electrical Network using Smallworld, Microstation with Plug-in applications (Fachschale)  
Tasks:  Creation of GIS Network using variety of analogue, survey and digital maps as input for Low, Medium voltage network including house connections , Database creation, updation, generalisation etc.  
Data Received:
Bestand plan
NSP Schematic plan
Bel Schematic plan
MSP Schematic plan
Fernmelde Schematic plan
Cadastre DGN files  
Dimension base construction of network
Topology check
Creation & checking of objects, network
QC & delivery
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Point Cloud Classification/Vectorization
Project: Point Cloud Classification/Vectorization
Tasks: Georeferencing, erreor handling, classification of point cloud, vectorization, Intensity Map Generation etc
Data Received:
Point Cloud Data
Camera parameters
Image or video
Georeferencing parameters
Bare Earth Extraction / DTM (Ground and Non Ground classified Data)
Advance Classification – Building, Vegetation, Water Bodies, electric lines etc)
Contour Generation
DEM Generation
3D model
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Sealed Area Projects
Project: To compile sealed area for built-up features using variety of Photogrammetry systems
Tasks: AT, DTM, Orthophoto and contour generation with variety of specifications
Data Received:
Aerial Photographs in different image formats
Orientation Files
Flight Directions
Camera File
Specifications for Ortho etc
Aerial triangulation
DTM and generation of contours
Topology check
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App / Software Development
Task: Rebuild mobile web application to provide a better user experience to end users.
Access to older version of app to understand design, development and testing
Related documentation and Specifications
Consultative discussion on technology choices
Technology Choices:
Application Framework: Ionic 3, Angular 4
Programming Language: Typescript ( Javascript ES6)
Database: SQLite/PouchDB
Component library: Ionic Components/Materialize.css/PrimeFacesNG
Development Tools:
IDE: Atom
Operating System: Mac OSX
Code Repository: BitBucket (set up in sprint 1)
Project Planning: JIRA
Communication and Document sharing : JIRA/Slack & Skype
Source code with proper inline comments
Documentations produced during development
Built App for Web, Android, iOS & Windows 7 and higher ready to launch on respective stores
Necessary support and consultation to setup development, build & test environment, tools & utilities used in the project.
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