GIS Application
Insellco is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the market place while implementing GIS for a domain. We have evolved the methodology to implement GIS in a project based on following consideration.

Consider the strategic purpose.
Plan for the planning.
Determine technology requirements.
Determine the end products.
Define the system scope.
Create a data design.
Choose a data model.
Determine system requirements.
Analyze benefits and costs.
Make an implementation plan.
We aim to operate an ethical business in this sector offering services that provide value for money.

GIS Education

Powerful new technologies have emerged in recent years that greatly improve our ability to collect, store, manage, analyze, and utilize information regarding the features of the Earth’s surface and to combxine these with other types of economic, social and environmental information. In an effort to enhance the service and understanding, it is required for the organizations to get trained and acquire the necessary skills for the project and tasks.

We offer a wide range of services to train personals from Basic to advance level GIS, CAD, Remote Sensing Applications and Photogrammetry. We update regularly for technology changes, latest development and at the same time users need with changing technologies. We are ready to take up the challenge with the help of our cooperation partner all over world for dissemination of news views and ideas in GIS community.

In today’s world, smooth flow of information is a need of corporate. Often it is seen that problems arise due to cultural and geographical change. An excellent program develop to help the GIS community in a specific language may not reach to the most needy organization.

GIS Services

We offer GIS Data Capture and application development services with highest quality standards. we have developed a good understanding of typical Geospatial features specific to Germany and Europe which ensures accurate interpretation while capturing data from various sources.  In the process of Data Capturing we develop various tools on need basis. Development of checking tools, analysis tools, routines, functions and scripts is important to improve efficiency and to ensure quality.

Our Geospatial Services include:

  • Digitization of maps and themes from analogue medium
  • Conversion of ground cadastre and topographic maps
  • Data Capture of Utility Networks
  • Geo-coding, Geo-referencing services
  • 2D and 3D Mapping

In addition Application Development and development of customized tools on leading GIS/CAD industry Standard software platforms such as Microstation, Smallworld, AutoCAD, ArcGIS is undertaken. We have developed a good understanding of interoperability between different GIS /CAD systems, which helps saving time and costs.

We also undertake assignments for translation of technical text in German and English.
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