Insellco provides consultancy in finding the GIS solutions most suitable and cost effective for your business and organisational needs. Insellco leverages the potential of its long experience to offer consulting to organisations to develop best approach to Data management. In Software development assignments, we enter into a consultative role to select state-of-the-art technologies choices. Our team brings in extensive experience with nearly all mapping systems available on the marketplace today.

Insellco consulting Service Landscape:

  • GIS Consulting: Mainly designed to analyze clients’ current business work flows, identify their critical areas, and prescribe the best-fit solutions, considering investment, time for completion and return-on-investment.
  • Integration Services: Integration of ERP, CRM, BI to GIS system
  • GIS Application Development: Selection of technologie for Desktop to Client Server Applications
  • Mobile GIS: Building custom mobile applications using Open Source GIS Software Development Kit.
  • Spatial Data Management Services: Geo data base design, development and adminstration.
  • Project Planning and quality management in geospatial projects
  • Consultancy on finding a cost effective solution for mapping projects
  • Project and workflow management
  • Costing and cost benefit analysis with respect to technology choices

Please contact us for detailed information on each consulting area.