InSellco has a broad range of BIM expertiseand is actively involved in various BIM projects.

InSellco offers projects and services in the following areas with BIM:

Architecture, engineering and construction solutions (AEC):

InSellco develops innovative solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industries through the use of BIM.

The range includes the following services:

  • 2D drawings of 3D BIM models
  • 3D rendering and modeling
  • Visualization of schematic structures
  • Scan to BIM:
    We generate the BIM model from a point cloud (LIDAR) using billions of data points that are captured. We prepare a variety of models with architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical elements.
  • Design & Analysis:
    We create 3D-BIM models and visualize all schematic structures. We support on creating content and create a digital catalogue of building products and their information (product name, number, description, material quality, warranty, life cycle, etc.).

We also offer services in design and construction documentation and extraction from BIM models. Using industry-leading technologies from market leaders such as Allplan, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup and other software, we provide a comprehensive range of services that save time, money and energy to a wide variety of customers.